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RIM RINGZ™ don’t need any special care. Wash  RIM RINGZ with normal car soap.  RIM RINGZ are made from special, high quality plastic.

You should avoid using cleaning substances containing acids because they may discolor  RIM RINGZ . For best results, use only the cleaning agents from reputable manufacturers. Those cleaning agents are made for car rims, and they will be perfectly suitable for RIM RINGZ.

When you wash your car, we suggest that you also wash, with water, the area between the rim and RIM RINGZ, so that the small pieces of dirt would get out from this area. That dirt can cause scratching. RIM RINGZ is not responsible for any damage on your wheels due to this dirt. Even if you wash your car with automatic brushes, RIM RINGZ will not fall off, as long as it is mounted properly and the tire dimensions are set in accordance with the rim size.