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Removing RIM RINGZ™

You can remove the rings by doing a very similar process as with the mounting: jack up your car, release the air from the tire and then start to pull out the hooks one by one, partially.

Please make sure you do not forcefully pull out all the rings at the same time. Pull out 50% of one hook, then move to the next one, and pull that one out 50%. Continue until you have pulled out all the hooks by 50%.
So, pull the hooks one by one, little by little, and only when the last one is pulled out 50% of the way – remove the hooks all the way, again one by one.

If you are using “RIM RINGZ™ TOOL 1” (RRT1), place this tool between the rim and the hook, and then gently pull out the hook.
If you are using “RIM RINGZ™ TOOL 2” (RRT2), then this tool should be positioned from the inside of the ring, between the rim and the hooks, and the rings gently pulled out.

For more information, please check the pages about our tools (“RIM RINGZ™ TOOL 1” and “RIM RINGZ™ TOOL 2“).