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Our special RIM RINGZ™ TOOL 1 (RRT1) is made from high quality plastic, is flexible and is made to help you install or remove RIM RINGZ™ correctly and effortlessly.






RIM RINGZTOOL 1 is designed to position the hooks exactly into the tool so that it can be used to slide the hooks into the area between the rim and the tire.The tool will help you position the hooks so that the tire properly “grabs” them and stays in place. 



It is very simple to use the tool:
Once the air is released from the tire, the hook should be positioned half-way between the tire and the rim (PHOTO 1), and the tool should be positioned between the tire and the rim to make enough room for the hooks to slide into this area (PHOTO 2).
It is important to make enough room so that the hooks slide in easily (PHOTO 3).
The ring should then be pushed towards the tire (PHOTO 4) and the tool removed upwards (PHOTO 5).
The tire will then perfectly be placed on the hook (PHOTO 6).



If the tire is not perfectly positioned and not “grabbing” the hooks correctly, the tire may try to push out the hooks and then the ring will not be perfectly situated on the rim.The tool is used to install all types of tires, except “run flat” tires.