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Before installing, please refer to our Wheels and Tires table to make sure RIM RINGZ™ will work with your tires and wheels.


  • Jack up one tire at a time
  • Release the air from the tire
  • Align and snap-on a RIM RINGZ™ ring
  • Re-inflate the tire to the recommended pressure


To install, you will need:

  • Car Jack
  • Air Compressor


Installation Instructions:

  • Follow the instructions that accompany your jack and lift one tire
    of your car with the jack.
  • Release all the air from the tire.
  • Align RIM RINGZ™ with the edge of the rim, push the tire back with your fingers and press the hooks over the edge of the rim.
    Insert all the hooks halfway in while pushing the tire inwards.
    After all the hooks have been inserted halfway in, insert all the hooks 3/4 way in.
    The general idea is to slowly insert all the hooks in, making sure that RIM RINGZ™ is not crooked and that it stays parallel to the wheel. The point is for the tire to snap over the hooks so that the little teeth “grab” the tire from the inside.
    Pushing the tire in, while pushing the hooks in helps the installation process. By doing this, a bigger opening will be created between the tire and the rim, and the hooks will enter that area more easily.
    The individual hooks should all snap over the wheel edge perfectly. Make sure that all the hooks are also uniformly affixed. If they are not, you will have to repeat the installation process.
  • Re-inflate the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.
    If you notice that some of the hooks are not perfectly positioned, you will have to release the air and re-do the process to make sure all the hooks are uniformly and perfectly placed.
  • Return the car to ground level and repeat the procedure for each remaining wheel.


NOTE Do not use a hammer on the RIM RINGZ™ product. The pressure of your hands should be sufficient to snap the hooks of the RIM RINGZ™ onto the rim.If your wheel has a balancing weight that is clipped on the outside edge of the rim, you will need to remove it so that the RIM RINGZ™ can be properly attached. Either re-attach the weight to the opposite side of the rim’s edge or use a “stick-on” type weight. Should you have any installation questions, or you feel that you may be unable to perform the installation, we recommend that you talk to your local auto mechanic or tire specialist/store.

When properly installed and used in normal driving conditions, RIM RINGZ™ will help prevent and/or reduce damage to the edges of your car’s alloy wheels caused by scraping against curbs while parking. Although our products carry a full money-back guarantee, Rolla™ provides NO guarantee against damage caused to wheels by collision with a curb or any other object.
Cleaning substances containing acids may discolor the RIM RINGZ™ and therefore should be avoided.