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3M Designer Wraps are repositional, pressure-activated self adhesive vinyl films. Often referred to as “ten eighty” the film has a unique advantage in its patented air release channels, which means air bubbles are a thing of the past! Specifically designed for automotive applications, this stuff is truly advanced.

Whether you’re into DIY or prefer getting the job done by a Pro, Designer Wraps are the new and innovative way to achieve a completely personalised finish, while also providing protection to the vehicles paintwork.

There are lots of colours and textures to choose from and we have a great network of Accredited Applicators in all major cities and selected regional areas.

Designer Wraps life expectancy is normally 5 or more years. Recommended for original or factory quality refinished paintwork only, as substandard point finishes may delaminate when film is removed.


3M designer wraps feature a pressure-activated adhesive meaning they can be laid onto surfaces and repositioned several times. The film is soft and flexible allowing it to conform to contours and bends and best of all they have unique air release channels for bubble-free applications.


We offer a great range of colours and finishes so whatever your style there’s a Designer Wrap to suit the look you’re after. When applied correctly the highly durable finish is sure to impress and as an added bonus the film protects your original paintwork from the elements.


Think of Designer Wraps as a second skin for your vehicle. They can be removed without causing any damage to the original paint and without leaving a residue. So changing the look every year or so is a great way to keep your ride super cool.


Create a tough/stealth look with a Matte or Gloss finish, a performance/race look with a Carbon Fibre texture, or a raw look with a Brushed Metal. Maybe a unique combination of all four! If you like to stand out from the crowd this is the way to do it without having to repaint.