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Remember that first scratch that you got on your brand new Jetski or Boat?

Of course you do. You could have avoided this quite simply. All you needed was Proshield Automotive Protective Film.
Knowing you may have invested a significant amount of time, energy and money into a new Jetski or Boat purchase, Proshield Automotive Protective Film will keep your Jetski or Boat looking newer for longer, not only protecting your Jetski or Boat but also protecting your investment. Even the slightest amount of debris or careless passenger could damage your paintwork. Travelling at just 60km/hr, stones thrown up by other vehicles could hit your Jetski or Boat at 120km/hr, whilst on the trailer traveling to your destination.

Maintain the original look and appeal of your Jetski or Boat and cruise with ease knowing you have Proshield Automotive Protection film on board.Never be concerned again about damaging your marine craft with abrasions, scuffing, trailer rash, rocks and sand.

Proshield Automotive Protective Film guards your craft on all leading edges, from unsightly scratches and abrasions.

Proshield Automotive Protective Film is a tough, durable, transparent membrane accurately computer cut to fit your Jetski or Boat model. It is professionally applied to areas of potential damage and will conform to all shapes and contours on the Jetski or Boat. It’s a great alternative!


Q. Can this protection also help with the re-sale value?
A. Absolutely. Proshield Automotive Protection Film can and will help to ensure top trade value and will protect your investment. The difference between rough and clean can add thousands of dollars to your Jetski or Boat trade-in value.

Q. Can this Protective film only be used on new Jetski’s and Boats?
A. Not at all. Maybe you have had your Jetski or Boat for a while and are now interested in adding Proshield Automotive Protective Film. Due to our large computer database we are able to locate most makes and models to suit your needs.

Q. Can Proshield Automotive Protective Film be seen once applied?
A. Proshield Automotive Protective Film is professionally shaped and contoured to thebody of your Jetski or Boat. It does not alter the lines of your Jetski or Boat or compromise colour brilliance.

Q. If needed, can this film be removed?
A. Yes, the protective film can easily be removed without damaging your paint or leaving unsightly residue.

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